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Friday, October 22, 2004

Pixelog – Excellent WP photolog

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ScriptyGoddess writes about her redesign of pixelog.org.

I am amazed by the visible simplicity and the underlying complexity. For one, depending on the browser window’s size, the layout is changed, and then, you can see the thumbnails of the latest pixelog entries at BigPinkCookie. Looks like a perfect example of how to use WP to power a photolog.

I hereby declare pixelog.org breathtakingly beautiful!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Beautiful Library Website

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I came across a stunner of a WordPress powered weblog at the Cass County Public Library Website.

I love the colors, the backgrounds, and the way the header images are done. The typography is great too, I dig the titles. What makes this attractive in my eyes is that generally complex designs, with too many colors and busy backgrounds can so easily go wrong, but this one comes out with flying colors, with great cohesion between the backgrounds, colors and the small design elements.
I think what I am trying to describe is called harmony. Credit for the design is attributed to “pixelese design” but I haven’t been able to find the designer’s website. I would have loved to link to it.

So there’s another beauty for you!

Via : Education & Misc, which I suspect is The Shifted Librarian reblogged.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

theflow.de – First Beauty to Grace WordLog

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There is something about theflow that makes you go “Wow!”.
It could be the way the bottom of the header image, that of a beach, flows, or it could be the shadows lifting up the content and making it stand out from the background, which stands out in it’s own way.

This is the first blue blog to make me feel blue. I spent a good minute looking at the blog – I can’t read German – and the effect of it all was to make me wistful. I miss beaches I have never been to.

Maybe it’s just that I haven’t seen a blog this beautiful in a long time.

P.S.: WordLog has always had a “Beautiful Blogs” category. I have never blogged about beautiful blogs, though. Now on, every once in a while, I shall post the beautiful ones I encounter, which would otherwise go unappreciated and unnoticed by the rest of the community. There is no distinct lack of original design – only under-exposed beauties. :)

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Binary Bonsai Releases the Kubrick Theme

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Many a time I have wished I could get Michael Heilemann, owner of the beautiful, nay drop-dead gorgeous Binary Bonsai (isn’t the name beautiful too?) to design my WordPress blog for me.

Now, the wish has come true! You can have Michael’s design for your blog too.
Kubrick for WordPress

Kubrick for WordPress is his attempt to

create a theme which is simple to setup and use, while remaining powerful and versatile.

I am not linking to the download file directly since I would like you to visit his site, read the readme, and download the theme.

Joen, Brian and of course Michael are WordPress users from Denmark, who have, at some point of time, been colleagues. It is good to seem them all interested in improving WordPress.


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