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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Plugin to Restore Preview Post in Write Post Form

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There are at least two people in the world who definitely will appreciate the plugins I mention in this post, and that, I think is reason enough to write here. Prior to WordPress 2.1 here was a neat little “Preview” link to the Top Right of the Write Post form. Clicking on that took you straight to the bottom of the Write Post page where you could preview the post as it would appear on the site in an IFrame. 2.1 took that away from us, annoying many. So someone filed a bug, which is now marked as Fixed. The Fix in 2.2 has been to include a link in the same place as before, but which opens the post in a new window/tab. If that does not fix it for you, here’s a plugin that surely will. This adds back the IFrame.

Read about and download the Preview Frame plugin.

I apologize for not being able to try it before mentioning it, but please do let me know how well it works for you, if you choose to use it.

Update: You may need the Preview Post Navigation plugin to add the “Preview” link on top. This will work for WordPress 2.1.3. For 2.2 you will have to edit the Preview Frame plugin to add a line “<a name=”preview-post”/>” just above the IFRAME line in the plugin source to make the “Preview” link work. I would have made the change and re-released the plugin, but the original plugin does not specify the license it is released under, so I desist.


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