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Monday, August 22, 2005

In the News, indeed

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There was time when I knew most of the active WordPress blogs out there, by url. Then there was a time, not so long ago, when searching for WordPress in Google News would yield nothing, though I expected it to show up something, when I thought WordPress had “matured”.

The system has come of age, and the signs are showing up.

User Friendly Reputation

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So WordPress now has a reputation of being “User Friendly”. Cool.

State of WordPress.com

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WordPress.com is a new venture aimed at bringing blogging to the millions. For starters, it will grow in a very linear fashion, since each invitee (yes, you need an invite) can only invite one other person. Powered by WordPress Mu, and much like Blogsome, WordPress.com promises to be interesting. May Matt’s baby steps to ensure the self-sustainability of the WordPress effort succeed. It is still not clear how WordPress.com, which, I hear, is not a non-profit, or voluntary organization, will make it’s money, but Matt has made it clear that most of the money generated will be used to fuel development and developers. Having known him for about two years, I trust him to not hurt his own baby, and what seems like a big part of his life – personal and professional – WordPress.

Alright, now to the juicy stuff – Lorelle has written about what one can and cannot do with a wordpress.com blog. For all of you who are still wondering what a wordpress.com entails, and what it’s all about, this extensive article tells the story.


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