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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Help Needed with Google

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Please think of this as a public appeal for help.

Wordlog.com is not indexed by google, almost a year after I started publishing this blog. You might have seen me going slow around these parts every once in a while. The reason for this is google. I figure, since this site is not indexed, the posts I make here will not show up when someone is searching for the relevant information. So why bother? All the visitors I get to the blog are from links from other blogs, and I cannot thank you all enough for that.

Vis-a-vis google, I have contacted their support department many times, without ever getting a favorable response. When I wrote the first time, the response I got was that google thinks that this website is a link farm, or something of that sort, and that I have to follow the webmaster guidelines. I took the effort to check that there are no hidden links, or any violations of their suggestions. There are none – this is a just a normal WordPress weblog, with minimal modifications, if any.

The motive for starting this blog was two-fold: inform WordPress users of the latest developments, through informative articles and news, beyond the “here’s a new plugin/theme” information, and, to make money, through advertising. Looks like I am failing both ways.

So, if any of you kind readers would have any influence on this subject, and can help me sort out this issue with google at the soonest, I would greatly appreciate it. Please leave me a comment if you can help. Like I said, I have already tried emailing google’s support team, and that did not help. Please suggest alternative, honest, methods of resolution, or if you work at google and can do something to help me, please let me know through a comment.

If nothing works out and I am still as hopeless at the end of two weeks, I will make this content available at WebLog Tools Collection, since I have already discussed it with Mark. That way, at least you, the WordPress users, win!


I thought I might answer the few questions and reply to some of the suggestions here in the post, so future visitors can read them, too :

Validate your meta keys dude. Validating it would help (Mostly, make all letters CAPITAL and add / before the ending >.

I beleive I have validated the pages here. Did so again today. Google was never too serious about XHTML validation, now was it?

REMOVE ALL FRAMES you have running on this site.

I do not use frames.

Keep spamming http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl (Just kidding :P )


If you use ASP, Your in bad luck. Googlebot hates ASP.

This site proudly uses WordPress (PHP).

Maybe try removing the commented RSS feed stuff from your template as they add up to a lot of links that could be described as cloaked and even though they are just links to RSS feeds on your own site it could be enough to upset Google.

I rather like providing RSS feeds for comments – I for one, use comment feeds to track conversations. I shouldn’t have to do this – there is nothing spooky about the poor feeds :)

DO NO EVIL. There are some sharks in these waters that can get away with it, but Google spends alot of time trying to weed these PageRank spammers out. One you get blacklisted, that is IT.

I am not evil. I do no evil either.

Put up great content

One can only try :)

Do not ‘link farm’.

Never did add a link without it having some purpose. I do not link farm, if a blogroll is not a link farm, and mine isn’t even really long.

Forget google. I know ‘google’ is now a verb, but you also get traffic from yahoo, MSN, etc. Get listed there, wait a while, and goole will list you too.

The other search engines have had me from the third day since starting. One cannot overlook the fact that google is by far the most popular, though.

Start fresh with a new domain. Keep the current one working, but do NOT cross-post. The spiders see that and remove the duplicated sites, and also :
one “potential” solution is to change your sites main url to www.wordlog.com instead of just wordlog?

I refuse to. I mean, I get to choose the domain name, so this is not an option.

Well, I guess it’s not lack of linkage …, and also :
you might want to get a lot of people to lonk to you.

No it is not a lack of linkage. Photomatt was the first to link to me, and on the same day, scores of others linked to this site. Articles from this site appear on the WordPress Planet and in the dashboards of thousands of WordPress-driven blogs.

Did you used to have a huge ammount of links on here?

No, never did.

You wrote that you want to make money from ads. I don’t see any. Any good reason?

Anyone can advertise on this blog if they are interested. There are the blogads ad spots, in the right menu, where you can start, if you are interested in helping me make my first million.

Do you have any htaccess/ip bans in place?
Also fix up your css. http://wordlog.com/print.css returns a file not found. Normally I wouldn’t think it’d be a huge issue, but it couldn’t hurt to fix.
Was the site ever listed in google? Was it previously owned before you had it?

No, I am not trying to block anyone, in fact. The print.css was there until yesterday. I upgraded yesterday. I will restored it, and the robots.txt shortly, not that it seems to matter. This site has never been listed on google. I even tried submitting the site to dmoz.org (the google directory) without success.


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