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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

WordPress Slideshow

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I put up screenshots of all the Pages generated by WordPress 1.5.1, as well as the admin pages at Flickr.

The WordPress 1.5.1 Photoset is now ready for the world to see.

The WordPress 1.5.1 Slideshow looks really good, too, especially when you get to the menus and stuff.

Please feel free to highlight areas and add comments that highlight the various features if you will.
I might get around to it ultimately. Flickr’s unique way of adding comments by selecting portions of the picture might be very useful in creating documentation that describes the UI, too. The process of uploading those pictures and organizing the pics in the correct order took too long for my comfort. The tool Flickr provides to rearrange the photos in a set do not display the filenames, and the thumbnails were too small for me to be able to distinguish one from the other. Minor gripe.


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