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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Work on a Copy of the Theme

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A majority of users start using the Kubrick theme, and make modifications as they go along to get the weblog to behave exactly the way they want it to. If you are among these users, then you will have to worry about upgrading without losing the changes you have made to the default theme.

The suggested method for dealing with this is as follows:
1) Copy all the templates and files in the wp-content/themes/default/ folder to a new folder, with a different name. Let’s call it “my-theme”.

2) Modify the style.css file in “my-theme”. Change the second line which says:
Theme Name: Default to read
Theme Name: my-theme

3) Go to the “Presentation” tab in the admin page of your weblog, and select the theme “my-theme” to be the active theme for your weblog.

That’s it! This will prevent your changes from being lost when you upgrade when a newer version of WordPress appears. This is also known to generate a mild amount of self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement at having create a new theme ;)


  1. You’ll have to change a few other things too, otherwise comments won’t work. See this: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes#Moving_from_1.2.x_to_1.5

    Personally, I just used my Kubrick images and applied all of my code changes to the default theme’s files. I felt it was necessary to be up-to-date with the theme as well.

    Comment by MacManX — 3/7/2005 @ 1:29 am

  2. If you start off with the Kubrick-based default theme on a 1.5 blog, and make changes, then the steps I have outlined are neccessary and sufficient.

    http://blog.carthik.net is an example of usage. I did the things I outlined in this post and no more!

    You must be talking about people upgrading from 1.2 or a beta/nightly of 1.5. I am talking about fresh 1.5 installs.

    Comment by Carthik — 3/7/2005 @ 1:43 am

  3. If you make your /wp-content/ directory (and everything below) writable, a copy of the default theme will be created for you, and you can just tinker with that!

    Comment by Mark J — 3/7/2005 @ 10:16 am

  4. Just did the steps outlined above…hopefully it’ll save me some work with the next upgrade :) Thanks!

    Comment by Claire — 3/7/2005 @ 1:52 pm

  5. WordPress のヒント:テーマのコピー
    wordlog.com » Work on a Copy of the Themeの引用訳。

    デフォルトのKubrick テーマを使って WordPress を始め、そのテーマを自分好みに修正していった場合、今後 WordPress をアップグレードする際にそぅ

    Trackback by Standing Tall — 3/7/2005 @ 2:06 pm

  6. dude, you live, you learn. Why don’t you start using a theme that is closest to what you want, and make a to-do list of design issues you want to tackle?
    The next step would be to search for resources to accomplish each of those tasks – this might take you a while, but you’ll be better off at the end.
    Support forum questions that are detailed with regards to what needs to be done, and has been done, and which have one very specific request get answered quicker than the others.

    Comment by Carthik — 3/7/2005 @ 2:31 pm

  7. dude,

    Don’t start off by choosing Kubrik, unless that is already close to what you want. There are lots of themes out there. Start with one as close as possible to what you want, and work from there.

    Comment by Scott Sauyet — 3/8/2005 @ 4:25 pm

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