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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tigert Loves WordPress

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Tuomas Kuosmanen, a gnome, gimp and evolution developer, has this to say after he upgraded his blog to v1.5 :

So I upgraded my blog to WordPress 1.5 by following the documentation on their wiki and wow, they changed the default template! And I love it. Now, 1.5 has themes, so I did manage to restore my own old template in 2 minutes as a theme, but then it looked so crappy compared to this :-) – maybe I’ll just keep using this new one because it is so good.. I did a quick hack title picture for now, I those will be fun to alter every now and then…

Very nice, this blog engine has been a joy to use and this makes it even better. Great free software!

Coming from someone whose work I admire, these are encouraging words. To this day, when I happen across a blog and I see it powered by WordPress, I feel happy, and when it’s the blog of someone I admire, I am positively ecstatic!

Now if only tigert would make us WordPress wallpapers and icons, along the lines of his other wallpapers ;)

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