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Thursday, February 10, 2005

WP file loading order

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From gnomedia codeworks comes this neat nested list showing the order in which WordPress “loads” files, or, in other words the order in which WP uses the files to generate your blog, upon request.

Also seen at the same site is this set of instrcution as to how to make WP slimmer. But hold on a minute, if you really don’t need feeds, comments and all that you think is “excessive”, don’t link to the feeds (but still leave it in there for someone to use if they want to, and know where to find it), and turn off the commenting options etc through the admin interface. How much server space will you save by deleting 10 files? What utility or ease of use will you really gain by deleting the files?

How Fast?

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I was goofing around with Wordpress last night and in 10 minutes I had it downloaded, installed and all my MT archives imported. It took less time to do that than it does to upgrade Movable Type to the latest version.

From Da Brettman Speaks.

I never looked at it that way before. As an old MT user, though, I have to admit I was overwhelmed at the prospect of changing stuff related to my blog, and it’s a lot easier to bend WordPress to my will. I have to say that the Template Tag system MT uses is supposed to be easier, but I’d pose a question to my readers – did it really take you longer to figure out WordPress’ template tags, than it did to figure out how MT’s tags work?

Also, dabrettman goes on to say…

And it’s not like Wordpress isn’t robust. It’s just not as, uh, consuming, I guess. I just know that installing MT from scratch like I did Wordpress last night requires some work, even if you don’t want to do much with it other than simply use it and not make tinkering with it a serious hobby or profession

Amen! WordPress is far easier for those of us that do not intend to make tweaking our blogs a hobby, or a time-consuming chore, depending on how you look at it.

It takes a lot to get me to redesign my blog, or even activate a new plugin. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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