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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ryan Brooks Does WordPress

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Ryan, a web applications developer from Calgary, Alberta, reviews WordPress. The title, “Wordpress, a Programmer’s Review” caught my attention, so I decided to stop by and read it.

He has some nice things to say about WordPress, and the support system, and the usual remark about the documentation not being upto the mark. Ryan, we all hope that given some time (and stability) there will be good developer documentation to pass around. But really, all you need is a WordPress phpXref site and php.net. Of course, you have #wordpress on irc.freenode.net if you have any pressing questions regarding how things work. All said, I still cannot dodge the fact that there are far too few man hours going into the documentation effort, and part of it is my fault (As it is yours, random WordPress user.)


  1. There are 2 issues with the docs, and both are longstanding:
    - code documentation
    - translation docs for the rest of us non-php readers :)

    Both need work, and sadly, both are ignored in the main. Partly because it is very tedious work, and partly because you know there are people out there who will pick at what is missed rather than what is there and the work that goes into it.

    Your previous post about the diverse user base hit the nail on the head in many ways …

    44000+ blogs.
    1 minute of work per blog ?
    We’d have it all…….

    Comment by Podz — 2/3/2005 @ 6:55 pm

  2. Podz, you’re right on all fronts. A few days of dedicated work by even a few should make a lot of difference. I will try to one of the few, soon as I can.

    Comment by Carthik — 2/4/2005 @ 4:15 pm

  3. Noo……No. You should not.

    44,000 blogs.
    Do we have anywhere close to that number clamouring for docs ? No, we do not. So for that reason alone, we o not need to doc every button / tab / radio box. We have to not only give credit to the user for their ability, but also to the WP designers for creating software which I have certainly found intuitive.

    If I could, I would do this:
    - all “solutions” posted to the forums are also dropped into Codex. This has the potential to make a huge mess there, so we need a holding document for all this stuff so then Codex editors can sort. This is a chore. It needs a lot of dedication despite on the surface only needing 2 browser windows open.

    2. A developers Q & A once a month.
    Every month, on set days, the devs pop into #irc or some other online environment, and new code is discussed, old code is clarified. There has been some grumbling about changes in 1.5 breaking code and “Why weren’t we told” type stuff. This is not to say that all of a sudden the hackers start dictating direction, it’s more that the devs hold a Press Conference and clarify issues. The onus THEN is for the HACKERS to document that knowledge and their efforts and help the WP community. Not the devs, the hackers. And to put all they learn somewhere online too.

    In the same way that someone can post to the forum saying “How do I reorder categories ? it cannot be done” and me saying “Yes it can and here is how” simply because it’s not written down prominently enough, then someone can join #irc, pose a hackers question and get a good answer. There is a wealth of knowledge out there – and it’s not just people like us with it all Carthik. Far from it.

    Comment by Podz — 2/5/2005 @ 5:09 am

  4. Podz,

    The developers Q & A session should be interesting to implement, I agree, but there is no reason the hackers can’t get the answers on the hackers mailing list. It would be cool if, as and when important/non-bug-fix changes are made in the CVS, the person committing the change could mail the hackers mailing list with a brief synopsis of the change, and the expected effects.

    Comment by Carthik — 2/5/2005 @ 12:59 pm

  5. There is of course a counter:

    With WP being in the state it is, all the thinking isn’t contained in a box :)
    Could a manual go against all the creativity ?

    Comment by Podz — 2/5/2005 @ 8:21 pm

  6. This is what annoys me too …. I know that just like my last post to the Hackers List. what I am saying and the issues I am raising are being ignored.

    Now I’m either talking crap, in which case the viewers here and the hackers should say so, or I have a point – and in that case too there should be a reply from a wider audience.

    Then again, I might just go away.

    Comment by Podz — 2/8/2005 @ 4:06 am

  7. No one’s ignoring you, Podz :) It could just be that no one has an answer yet, or assumes someone else will have a better answer. I, for one, read mails and decide if I can add any value, and if I can’t, I can’t.
    I am sorry if I overlooked something else you said.

    Comment by Carthik — 2/8/2005 @ 5:14 am

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