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Monday, January 17, 2005

Custom Posts Per Page Plugin

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Jennifer of Scriptygoddess.com helps build and run Above The Fold, a small online shop selling Origami products. Above The Fold is powered by WordPress (and Paypal, I might add.) The site itself looks clean and very likeable.

She wanted to be able to display the eight most recent additions on the front page, and all items on her category pages, which essentially are those pages that list all the earrings, and all the cards etc. By setting the “posts per page” value to 8, she could accomplish the first objective, but to accomplish the second, which is to have a different number of posts on the category pages, she would have had to write a small plugin, or modify her category template. I am talking about v1.5beta here, of course.

She found the Custom Posts Per Page plugin, which allows one to specify the number of posts on the different pages of a WordPress blog. I think this is a mighty useful plugin. I wish this were hosted at the Plugin Repository, just so it would be easier to find. I didn’t know of it before now. It would also be nice for this to have a administration page, so one could change the values without having to edit the source of the plugin.

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