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Monday, January 10, 2005

WordPress Plugin Repository

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The WordPress plugin repository has been officially announced.

Plugins authors should really check in their plugins at the repository. This is a superb service being offered for free, and more importantly it is a neat way of coordinating the development of plugins, and themes for WordPress. You can take developing extensions to WordPress to a wonderful new level, with Subversion – based revision control, and an issue tracker.

End users have the benefit of being able to browse and obtain the plugins they need in one place.

Michael Heilemann refers Kubrick-related support requests to the Kubrick Forum. He wouldn’t have to, if his theme were hosted at the repository. If you are a plugin author, you know what I am talking about when I talk about comments posted to the post announcing the plugin. They grow ultra-long and are a pain to manage. With the repository you get a issue-tracker for your plugin, and so your blog doesn’t get messed up, and everyone can see and share feedback.

I don’t want to unneccasarily repeat what’s at the devblog, so plugin and theme authors – please check in your plugin or theme at the repository today! Its ultra-simple and easy. It took me exactly 2 minutes to check in my plugins.

Spaminator update

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Some folks were having problems with Dr. Dave’s Spam Karma plugin eating honest-to-god innocent, genuine posts. Some others with some other plugins.

Well, the point is, Mookitty has announced an update to the Spaminator. Go get it.

I need to upgrade this blog to 1.5beta. Then again, I should not – beta software is not always the best for production blogs (and lazy people).


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