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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Image Panorama Plugin

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This is really cool. Taking the photographs and stitching them together might be painful. Creating panormas from images is something I’ve heard of, but never done. Now if you have panoramic images, and you want to display them on your WordPress blog, you can.

The IImage Panorama Plugin helps you display panoramas. Go ahead, click on that link and check out the panoramas.

While at the site, also see the IImage Browser Plugin, which aids in uploading and adding images or thumbnails to you post using some Javascript. The screencaps look neat.

I would love to try the IImage Browser plugin on my personal blog soon.


New Theme: GreenTrack

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GreenTrack is a theme that includes a Main Page Template, Category Template, Date Template, Single Template and Search Template. It also includes a Readme.html to show you how to install it.

Documenting a Documentor

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Kafkaesqui jots down his thoughts about documenting WordPress. It is an interesting read, and he has done an excellent job at Codex lately. My most sincere thanks to him, and all the volunteers involved in the painful, unnoticed task.

Think you have it in you to help an Open Source project improve? Help at the Codex, and start now!


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Now you can link a face to the users you find at #wordpress (on irc.freenode.net).

Check out the WordPress mugs gallery, if you want to know what some WordPress look like in the much-overhyped “real” world. As far as I am concerned, I have a mental image of what the characters I meet in the virtual world might look like — complete mental profiles and potraits stitched together from conversations and tidbits.

Should you be interested in contributing a mugshot of yours to the gallery, use the upload page, and name your image after your IRC nick, so Alex knows who’s picture it is.

Nominations and Recognition

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WordLog has been nominated for best science/technology indiblog. Thanks are due to Arvind of MovaLog for writing in to let me know. Mark’s WLTC also finds a place in the category. None of us have even the slightest chance, I am afraid to say, since there are some heavyweights in the fray, like GigaOm. Good luck to everyone – not that these awards are the ultimate goal for a blogger – but these things help blogs get noticed.

Which reminds me that WordLog was blogstreet India’s blog of the day on 16th December 2004. Now this might be a case of a website getting noticed due to the blog posts – like this one right here.

LiveCalendar Plugin

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LiveCalendar is an implementation of Kae’s Calendar.

The normal calendar that can be seen on WordPress blogs is not “Live”. What this means is that if you click the link to the previous month in the calendar, the whole page is refreshed, and this takes time. With the LiveCalendar, only the Calendar will be refreshed, leaving the rest of the page as it is, and so the calendar is faster. You can see the LiveCalendar at work and decide for yourself.

The Plugin is hosted at dev.wp-plugins.org, which is a spanking new host for plugins set up for the use of WP plugin developers. I expect the service to the officially announced soon.


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