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Saturday, January 08, 2005

New Theme: The Simple Life

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Hot on the heels of Way Too Clean comes The Simple Life, which is the theme the author uses at vinniegarcia.com.

Way too simple for some tastes – but not mine. This is clean, white and unspoilt, for those who prefer the color white. Nice work. We need some clean themes in addition to the ones with chutzpah, don’t we?

LiveSearch or “Suggest” search for WordPress

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could search your blog like you can on google search with suggestions? Even as you type your search query, you get suggestions as to the number of results for the possible words you are searching for, which is nice, since if you know there are no possible search results, then you might as well stop searching.

To answer my own question – Yes! it would be nice, and so I present to you not one, but two solutions. The first is livesearch from BinaryBonsai, which uses the work of some other individuals. You can try it out at the website while you are there. But even better, there is the Suggest plugin, which not exactly a kosher plugin since it requires you to modify the index page. Both the solutions are known to be buggy at the edges, so be fore-warned. In any case, they are interesting and they work most of the time.

New Theme: Hampsha

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New theme on the block: hampsha. If you wondering about the name, the author (or should I say designer) happens to live in New Hampshire, and that’s how it got it’s name. It has a long narrow column, which has two columns within it, so long posts == painful scrolling. The text in the sidebar shows up, but the contrast could be better.

So that’s another theme for you, folks.

Livejournal to WordPress

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Since the Livejournal sale’s been announced, I’ve been reading a little bit of everyone’s reactions. I do not personally think the deal is going to be a disaster for LiveJournal users. A majority of the 14 to 20 year olds wouldn’t be too worried about who owns LJ, or what the terms of service are, anyways.

Regardless, some folks have been thinking about, or already have explored other options, like migrating to WordPress, for one.

One wrote a long, subjective post describing the move. Now that’s the kind of blogger we dig.

Memorium Victus does a good job listing the backup tools.

For moving to WordPress, there’s Bhansali’s Livejournal importer for WordPress, which goes one step beyond the importer that ships with WordPress by importing the comments for the posts. Of course, you first have to extract the comments from your LJ, using LJArchive or some such program. LiveJournal’s export feature does not export the comments.

Let’s not forget the crschmidt method, which ignores comments, but saves you the pain of having to import entries month-by-month. He actually hacked jbackup (the lj code that backups entries and comments) to not export comments, since the WP importer does not import comments. You don’t need to look far to see why WP does not import LJ comments — the web based LJ export tool, at livejournal.com, available to logged in users does not export comments. What we need is to modify this method to export all of LJ’s comments too, and then use the Bhansali importer, really.

In any case, should you want to know more about moving from Livejournal to WordPress, ask here, and you shall find ;)


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