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Thursday, January 06, 2005

New theme: Way too clean

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Way too clean is way too clean. A look at the author’s site shows a blog that does stand out from the rest, for better or worse. The theme does not seem to use any header images or such. The latest post is tagged a “feature story”. I wonder if it is always the first post that is a “feature story”. Interesting to see so many new themes coming out.

LJ Sale -Finding Old Friends

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Looks like Brad’s old friend found him, because of the sale. I hope Brad finds Brian’s blog, in return.

I have a thin excuse for posting this on WordLog (which is supposed to be exclusively about WordPress) — Brian uses WordPress.

Improved b2evo importer

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David Appleyard has made some changes to Farook’s b2evo importer, and the new, improved b2evo to WordPress importer should be useful to the folks who want to ditch b2evo for WordPress.

Cross-post to Xanga

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Nikkiana reports that there is a new plugin for WordPress that allows you to cross-post to Xanga. It’s called Croissanga. This joins LivePress, which allows you to cross-post to Livejournal. Keep in touch with old friends, and get independent, without the fear of your blog-service provider being bought out by moving to WordPress and using cross-posting plugins.

Alright, that was a little mean, and I am not evil. But seriously, it’s never been easier to strike out on your own, get hosted somewhere and start an independent blog.


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