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Monday, January 24, 2005

Kubrick’s Typeface

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The Kubrick theme should perhaps have made use of the Futura typeface, or something close, seeing as it’s mentioned that it was Kubrick’s favourite font.
Wikipedia amazes me, all the time.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Gallery and WordPress in the Same Boat

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The most comprehensive list ‘o links to tutorials and narratives describing how to get Gallery and WordPress working together.

I’m a hurry, so I’ll run along now. Hope that is useful, to someone.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Private Posts In 1.2 – Hack

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You can mark your WordPress posts as “Private” in addition to “Public”, “Draft”, “Password Protected” and such. In 1.2 the private posts are not displayed on the blog, not even to the author of the private posts, when she’s logged in. So they are like drafts which do not show up as such. I beleive that the behaviour is the same with 1.5, with Private Posts disappearing down some crack, so the only place they are listed in in the admin section for managing posts. I have been thinking about making it so that the Private Posts are only visible to the author of the post, when she visits the blog.

It’s already been done. Here’s the code for “Fixing Private Posts” and here’s my hat-tip.

I beleive some thought needs to go into why private posts are not displayed on the blog at all, and as to what their purpose in life might be, in 1.5 at least :)

Friday, January 21, 2005

WordPress 1.5 static Vs. dynamic benchmark

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The benchmark results look interestingly the same, for the static and dynamic version. All I can tell is that the static version has a pronouncedly low “shortest response time” which stands for the time to honor repeated requests. I presume the author used the staticize plugin for the static version.

rel = nofollow now standard in WordPress

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Looks like Matt just added rel=nofollow to all the comment author URLs as well as the URLs in comments. So thus nofollow finds it’s way to the WordPress source code.
To be honest, I am sick of everyone talking about this nofollow thing. Move on, folks. This is the last I’ll talk about it (unless there is a neat plugin or two).

Thursday, January 20, 2005

WordPress MindMap (German)

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I ran into an interesting experiment at doku.wordpress.de, which is a German wiki documenting WordPress, called the WordPress MindMap.

You can see theMindMap, which is powered by Java. Click on the Image in the center to begin.

Neat, eh?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Weighted Flickr-like Tags for WP

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I missed the weighted-categories plugin when it came out. It is still an interesting project. The plugin creates weighted-text (text with different sizes, depending on the weight, or popularity), much like flickr, for your WordPress blog’s archives pages. Here’s an example.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Moving from Manila to WordPress

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If you have a Manila (Radio Userland) powered blog, and you want to move to WordPress, there is a simpler solution than the one I linked to before.

ahawkins.org tells us that there is now a Manila To MT export script, and since WordPress can import those MovableType import-formatted text files, you can use WordPress’ import-mt.php script to import the entries, and get started with WordPress!

free.fr Free WP

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Thanks to Fleurus, we now know that free.fr provides free WordPress installs.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Custom Posts Per Page Plugin

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Jennifer of Scriptygoddess.com helps build and run Above The Fold, a small online shop selling Origami products. Above The Fold is powered by WordPress (and Paypal, I might add.) The site itself looks clean and very likeable.

She wanted to be able to display the eight most recent additions on the front page, and all items on her category pages, which essentially are those pages that list all the earrings, and all the cards etc. By setting the “posts per page” value to 8, she could accomplish the first objective, but to accomplish the second, which is to have a different number of posts on the category pages, she would have had to write a small plugin, or modify her category template. I am talking about v1.5beta here, of course.

She found the Custom Posts Per Page plugin, which allows one to specify the number of posts on the different pages of a WordPress blog. I think this is a mighty useful plugin. I wish this were hosted at the Plugin Repository, just so it would be easier to find. I didn’t know of it before now. It would also be nice for this to have a administration page, so one could change the values without having to edit the source of the plugin.

Post Moderation Plugin for managing Multi-Author Blogs

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If you have blog, like the WordPress Development Blog, where you have multiple authors, then you might want to take a look at the Post Moderation Plugin

Post Moderation is a plugin for Wordpress, allowing multiple authors on your site while still maintaining editorial controls.


  • Moderated Author Level
    Posts from authors at or below this level will be set aside for approval.
  • Moderator Level
    Authors at or above this level can approve queued posts for publishing.
  • Notification
    Uses a javascript popup to notify a moderated author that their post has been queued for approval. A slight improvement to the way comments are handled until there is some form of error reporting system.
  • Database Modifications
    Uses minor database modifications that can be installed by the plugin or added manually with SQL generated by the script that can be copy-pasted.
  • Deactivated Plugin Options
    If the plugin is deactivated while there are posts waiting for approval, posts can be sent to draft/private/publish or be deleted.

It would be nice it it had the additional feature of the administrator or moderators being informed through email whenever a new draft is posted to the blog.

Finally, a registration page for WordPress MultiUser

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WordPress MultiUser, or WPMU for short, is primarily Donncha’s initiative to provide a method to create multiple wordpress blogs, one for each user. You can install it and use it to enable the easy setting up of blogs for a lot of users, for example. This still not a multi-blog solution, since you do not yet have a page, or set of pages from where you can manage all the weblogs you set up.

WPMU did not have a page to setup new blogs, the process involved some command line work, until now. Donncha announces a Registration Page (still alpha) for WPMU. This is a good development, making it easier for you to setup new blogs using WPMU. Thanks Donncha!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Designs from Perun’s Blog

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Three designs for WordPress from Perun’s Blog.

I can’t give you names or details since I don’t know German. They are look smashing good, and elegant, for the record. They are designs that will fit right in with version 1.2.x, but will work with v1.5beta as well, with a little tweak here and there.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

TechnoTag – for Technorati

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Technorati recently came out with a service related to “tags” which seem all the rage at flickr and at del.icio.us which is primarily to blame for tags’ popularity.

You can check out the Technorati WordPress tag page, for starters.

Now the way it works is you “tag” posts in your weblog so it appears in the right technorati tag page. If you assign a post to a category, then the post is tagged as belonging to a tag that is the same as the category. So in other words categories are automatic tags. But if you want to tag specific post, then you could use the TechnoTag Plugin to make life simpler.

Thanks BloggingPro

..and then there is theTechnorati Tags Plugin for WordPress

Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Theme: MidEvil

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ScottDot.org present MidEvil – a new WP 1.5 theme. Nice work with the backgrounds and I like the colors too.

Customize your blogroll output

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Gerd Riesselmann, author of the Randomized Blogroll Plugin, which is a plugin that

reads an OPML-file containing your feed supscriptions, extracts a customizable number of items from it randomly, and displays them. OPML-files can be exported from nearly every modern feed reader. For performance purposes, the result is cached and only updated after a user defined time.

has written a detailed tutorial on how to create a functional “Links” page on your WordPress powered blog. With this, you can have a page with links to all the blogs you read on a daily basis. A seperate page may be much better if you have way too many links, and you don’t want to clutter the main page of your blog with that long a list.

Free Advertisement

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If you run a website for a non-profit, or one that deals with some Open-Source project, using WordPress, and if you want free advertisement here at wordlog.com in the sidebar, let me know. I will let it run whenever I can’t find any paid ads for this website. Leave me a comment if you are interested, stating the page, or URL that will be linked to from the ad.

This is only a public service, and this is not a contract or agreement. In other words, you can’t complain if I pull the ads. That’s Carthik-worried-about-legalities speaking.

Kill Referrer Spam

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Referrer spam is when folks try to spam your referrers list in the server logs by trying to make it look like they linked to your site. This is not a big issue for most, since only you, the owner of the blog usually sees the referrers list, and so the spammer doesn’t gain any undue advantage, and yet, some people make their referrers list available publicly, and in this case, referrer spam works to the benefit of the spammer.

If you want to kill all referrer spam, or at least most of it, read Caveat Lector’s article on the topic.

While reading that topic, I came across Ann Elisabeth’s Blog, which looks like a mother-lode of information related to comment spammers, and how to trace, and kill them. I haven’t read even half of what’s on the blog, and I must it is a great resource for information.

BlogMine – Rss Ads

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Advertising in RSS feeds is here. It was just a couple of months ago that Mark was wondering how long it would be before someone started doing ads in RSS feeds. Now we have BlogMine starting to do this. The sanity of the process of feed reading is bound to change with this.

How does it affect me as a publisher? Well, insignificantly. I can’t find advertisers for my weblog, leave alone my RSS feeds :P

LaTeX in WordPress

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Scientists, researchers and publishers who use LaTex might be interested in checking out this WordPress blog which serves to illustrate the use of LaTeX in WordPress.

The blog talks about LaTeX Render, a plugin for rendering LaTeX formatted text in WordPress, and that includes integral equations, tables and such! LaTeX is far superior to any WYSIWYG text editor, and produces beautiful papers. I have been using it for my research work, and it’s amazing to see that LaTeX elements can be embedded in blogs. Wow!

IllustRender is another plugin that weblog talks about, which aids in adding illustrations to WordPress weblogs.


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