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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Total number of WP plugins

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Let me take a first shot at the total number of WordPress Plugins.


Yes, you heard me right! This google search tells us so.


  1. Does not search plugins shipped as .zip files or archives
  2. Does not include plugins advertised on sites not indexed by google
  3. May contain duplicates

I was all tucked in, ready to sleep, when I got the idea for the google search, and I had to share it with you all, so I got up, and typed this up on my laptop.

Another idea I have is to have the simplest ever list of plugins – You submit the URL for a plugin (.zip, .txt, .phps etc) and a script stores the values for Plugin Name, Plugin URI, Description, Author, Author URI and Version in a database. You can then search for a word, or a bunch of words, and the database is searched. My best bet is that the plugins will have the relevant words in the description field, and so the search should be pretty useful. Adding new plugins to the database is as simple as entering a URL in a form, and retrieving a list of the plugins you need is as simple as searching for a few words.

Please take this up if you will, I don’t have the time to pursue half the ideas I get when I lie in bed.

Importing from Radio UserLand to WordPress

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Quentin has been making notes at the wiki with details about his migration from Radio UserLand to WordPress.

The process consists of using the WordPress RSS importer, and requires a few minor modifications for everything to go smoothly. Quentin reports success with importing about 48 months (thats 4 years) worth of posts. The document also deals with preserving links and such.

Thank you, Quentin, for taking the effort to note everything down for those that may follow.


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