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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Learn From the Other Camp

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Brad Choate has created a new plugin for MovableType, called MT-DSBL, which is a port of a WordPress trick, as published at the Daily Irrelevant. That’s the kind of stuff my monkeys like to see — more interaction, and more blogging tools talking to each other, through users and developers. The hack checks to see if the IP address is present in a list of servers which can be abused to send mail on behalf of spammers, of the kind usually used by email and now comment spammers. If the comment seems to be coming from such a server, it is not posted.

By the way, a new plugin, called DNS-anti-spam by the Daily Irrelevant is available. This one checks the URIs in the comment against the Spam URI Realtime Blocklist. That SURBL contains URIs linked-to in email spam messages. These are often the same URLs left behind by comment spammers in comments.

Also, in a comment to Brad’s post, Jacques suggests using the opm.blitzed.org list of open proxies for checking.

Why not do all three?
Check against the lists at:

  • opm.blitzed.org
  • dsbl.org
  • SURBL.org

Such a neato idea! Really.


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