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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ReBlog 1.0 WP Plugin

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Reblog 1.0 has been released, and it now includes a WordPress Plugin.

ReBlog lets you read articles from a specified bunch of feeds, and to re-blog them on your blog, using a plugin. You can also put your blog on autopilot, in which case, all the posts appearing on the blogs you have subscribed to will be posted on your blog too, with proper attribution and all that.

The WordPress Plugin provided by reblog could be improved, with a plugin administration page. Since ReBlog is GPL’ed, you can tackle improving it, if you like the tool.

Welcome Apple.

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I remember someone saying that WordPress is the “apple” of the blogging world.

Well, it seems that’s true – sort of. WordPress is Apple’s new blogging tool.

There is a new Apple student weblog, and it’s powered by WordPress.

Monday, November 22, 2004

A list of Pingable URIs

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Elliot Back’s list of RPC and RPC2 URIs to ping looks really long, with 41 different URIs in it! Pinging all of them should take him a while, I should say. It includes ping-o-matic, and so is redundant, to a certain extent.

I hope ping-o-matic grows to include at least a few of these. I don’t want to wait on my weblog — no thanks, I’d rather have pingomatic do the donkey work.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Learn From the Other Camp

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Brad Choate has created a new plugin for MovableType, called MT-DSBL, which is a port of a WordPress trick, as published at the Daily Irrelevant. That’s the kind of stuff my monkeys like to see — more interaction, and more blogging tools talking to each other, through users and developers. The hack checks to see if the IP address is present in a list of servers which can be abused to send mail on behalf of spammers, of the kind usually used by email and now comment spammers. If the comment seems to be coming from such a server, it is not posted.

By the way, a new plugin, called DNS-anti-spam by the Daily Irrelevant is available. This one checks the URIs in the comment against the Spam URI Realtime Blocklist. That SURBL contains URIs linked-to in email spam messages. These are often the same URLs left behind by comment spammers in comments.

Also, in a comment to Brad’s post, Jacques suggests using the opm.blitzed.org list of open proxies for checking.

Why not do all three?
Check against the lists at:

  • opm.blitzed.org
  • dsbl.org
  • SURBL.org

Such a neato idea! Really.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Welcome, Jimbo

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Jimmy Wales, aka Jimbo is best known as the co-founder of WikiPedia.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jimmy’s blog is powered by WordPress.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lycos Offers WordPress

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Lycos UK is now offereing a 1-click install of WordPress . Many European lycos/tripod services, in different countries seem to be offering an easy-install WordPress option.

Regrettably the service is not free. Lycos UK charges approximately $9 for the “Advanced” hosting package, which included the WordPress 1-click install. Coming to think of it, this seems to be like using Fantastico on any webhost that provides it. Unlike other webhosts, Lycos is a giant, and hopefully, this offer should lead to a lot of WordPress powered blogs in Europe.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Themes in v1.3

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If you are dying to learn more about the “theme”s that wordpress blogs will be able to use, come V1.3, then you should read this article about the “Anatomy of a WordPress Theme“, by Ryan Boren, a leading WordPress developer.

The article explains the various components that come together to create a theme, and you can use it as a handy-dandy guide if you are planning on creating themes for WordPress in the future.

Bring your troubles to the forums

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I felt I was in a surreal dream as I read this support forum post:

can anyone please recommend an architect in bangkok. i have an architect designed house, but he’s not interested in doing a working drawing and i’m having a lot of problems trying to get someone here to do it. they all seem to be too busy throwing up ‘resorts’. i’m going up tomorrow on a wing and a prayer anyway, so hoping someone will be able to enlighten me at the airport internet shop. thanks.

There! another gem from the backwaters, saved for posterity.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

WordPress is Pro-Nudity!

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Found on Burningbird :

…I found the following CVS check in comment attached to a file: Don’t forget to strip. So, don’t forget to strip when you use Wordpress.

I’m sure you’d have heard a “Shake Well Before Use” joke or two before.

This one made my day. I laughed out loud.

There are real gems in the source code. You can even find Michel’s birthday if you look hard enough.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Planet WordPress

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Here’s something to make your life simpler:
Planet WordPress.

Matt created the Planet almost instantly after the idea was raised, and I expect this to make it easier to follow WordPress related news from one source, instead of so many sources.

If you are looking for the Planet WordPress feeds, they are there, only not linked-to yet:

RSS 2.0 Feed
RSS 1.0 Feed

There’s also an FOAF file for those inclined.

Planet WordPress is powered by PlanetPlanet, much like Planet Ubuntu and Planet Mozilla

Have fun!


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