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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Weblogs.Us switching to WordPress

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Weblogs.Us is a service that “helps people freely blog”. It is a hosted service, which is currently the home of about 800 MovableType blogs. Come November, all these blogs will be upgraded to WordPress.

The upgrade announcement expresses joy at WordPress’ wonderfully open and free licence, among other things. In any case, after the upgrade to WordPress, the maintainers of weblogs.us will not have to worry about having to pay fees on some future date.

Welcome, weblogs.us users, and we hope your transition to WordPress is smooth, J.D. and Co. Should you need help, the forums and the mailing lists are always available.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Welcome, Blogshares Users

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BlogShares conducted a poll, and as a result of the poll, we now know that a number of those who were polled have expressed an interest to move to WordPress.

The latest raffle at blogshares was a giveaway of 5 free hosting accounts at ReviseMedia, who have a WordPress oriented service. I had seen a ReviseMedia giveaway at AlexKing.org
a few days ago. It is good to see hosts using WordPress as a selling proposition.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Bug #404

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Guess what Bug Number 404 at the WordPress Bug Tracker was? I am guessing the bug produced 404s, instead of 500s or some such.

Reminded me of Brad’s MySQL Support Ticket.

Pixelog – Excellent WP photolog

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ScriptyGoddess writes about her redesign of pixelog.org.

I am amazed by the visible simplicity and the underlying complexity. For one, depending on the browser window’s size, the layout is changed, and then, you can see the thumbnails of the latest pixelog entries at BigPinkCookie. Looks like a perfect example of how to use WP to power a photolog.

I hereby declare pixelog.org breathtakingly beautiful!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

JustBlogIt Firefox Extension for Right-Click WordPressing

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JustBlogIt is a new Mozilla/Firefox Extension that allows users of these browsers to blog about links and news items using a right click context menu. (via Meredith)

So install the extension, find a link or page to blog about, right click, and blog away!
Update: What it does for wordpress is it adds a context menu item that can point to your wordpress blog’s bookmarklet.php. Install it and give it a try anyways.

It supports a variety of Blogging Tools including WordPress (who cares about the rest anyway ’round these parts, eh? :P )

An interesting feature is that if you use Bloglines, Rojo, Radio Userland or Amphetadesk, then JustBlogIt checks to see if you are trying to post from a News Reader and adapts the blogging data accordingly.

P.S. Many Apologies to the readers for the recent inactivity at WordLog. One has to earn his bread and degrees. :)


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