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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Importing From Blogger to WordPress – A Detailed Tutorial.

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BlueChronicles does it again! Earlier I had talked about some interesting tutorials at BlueChronicles.

Now BlueChronicles has a detailed step-by-step tutorial, complete with screen-captures and pictures on how to import your entries from blogger to WordPress. This will be very useful for anyone who wants to move from Blogger to WordPress. Welcome Bloggers!

Of Poker and Bison

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Perhaps the most esoteric plugin I have ever come across is the WP PokerHand Plugin. With the arrival of this plugin, WP is now the greatest and bestest tool for poker players who like their hands to be seen :) I have no idea what the intended Bison Plugin would do, but I guess it must related to a card game. I am routinely amazed by the variety of plugins and hack that WordPress users come up with. The WordPress project is alive and kickin’, come get some!

I expect a few WordPress users to find use for this plugin, including MooKitty.

Any guesses as what the next plugin is going to be? Can you predict any plugins (those that you intend to write are not valid guesses – that is fore-knowledge :) ) that might be written in the future?

HeadSpace – Kurbick Based Custom Design

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I see the first of the Kubrick based designs.

This one’s called HeadSpace.

I hope there are more base themes, like Kubrick, and more customizations of the themes in the future. Designers should get a shot in the arm with the new template-based design option in the forthcoming release of WordPress.


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