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Monday, September 20, 2004

BlueChronicles Tutorials

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I see two tutorials at bluechronicles. It’s great that WordPress users take the effort to explain things in a simple no-nonsense fashion to other users.

Right now, there are tutorials on how to post images to the blog, and how to create categories and sub categories.

I will be watching that blog for more tutorials in the future.

If you are interested in writing documentation for wordpress, and make it available for public consumption, post a note on the wp-docs mailing list, and your talent will be used to the maximum extent possible. :)

Beautiful Library Website

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I came across a stunner of a WordPress powered weblog at the Cass County Public Library Website.

I love the colors, the backgrounds, and the way the header images are done. The typography is great too, I dig the titles. What makes this attractive in my eyes is that generally complex designs, with too many colors and busy backgrounds can so easily go wrong, but this one comes out with flying colors, with great cohesion between the backgrounds, colors and the small design elements.
I think what I am trying to describe is called harmony. Credit for the design is attributed to “pixelese design” but I haven’t been able to find the designer’s website. I would have loved to link to it.

So there’s another beauty for you!

Via : Education & Misc, which I suspect is The Shifted Librarian reblogged.


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