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Friday, September 17, 2004

Spread FireFox Gets Back at WordPress

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Spread Firefox was an affiliate program to promote FireFox, the browser that makes for a better online life.

Notice the past tense in the above sentence. The site is now down, due to an overload, well not really down, but the affiliate linking thingy is down for now while they improve it.

The page that is up now says :

Other big name affiliates include Broadband Reports and WordPress, both of whom have been amazingly generous in spreading the word among their expansive clientele.

That should certainly send more bloggers and wannabes WordPress’ way. Thanks, Spread FireFox, for returning the favor! Before the affiliate program was taken off-line, WordPress was right up among the top five referrers.

WordPress, as a project, has always been gung-ho about promoting opensource initiatives that are clearly better than closed-source or pay-to-use software. WordPress actively promotes the use of FireFox, and in the future, there will be promotional links in the administrative pages. They are already in the admin interface, in the CVS version.

Also of note in the article is the fact that Kevin Karpenske gave up his domain, firefox.com, for use by the firefox team. Thanks Kevin, that’s the spirit!

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