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Sunday, September 12, 2004

About Ryan

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Big Moose has interviewed Ryan Boren.

Ryan, or rboren, is probably the most elusive of the WP devs. His blog is a simple grey and brown affair with none of the bells and whistles that a wordpress blog can have. That it has comments disabled shows a little of how reserved he is. You will not find a link to his blog in a default WordPress blog’s index.php page, and it is quite possible that a lot of the users do not realize how prolific he is as a WordPress developer. For as long as I have been involved with WordPress, I have noticed Ryan tackling mundane, repetitive tasks, such as marking all of the source for the i18n and i10n effort – hours of boring, not-so-creative work. Ryan is also the resident rewrite guru, and along with Matt, generates a huge portion of the code commits in the CVS.
Thanks Ryan, for all the work, and for committing all our patches.

Read the interview for more details about what Cycling, Aerobics and WordPress have in common.

If you are wondering where he got the WordPress coffee mug from, you can get yours at the WordPress store. Oops! that was a typo! The store’s over here.

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