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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

User Quote of the Day

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It’s a work in progress, but so is the rest of the Internet.


Thanks Kara, you make me feel a little less guilty about all the unfinished work related to my weblogs and the other things I do online. LiveJournal, GreyMatter, B2, Drupal, and now WordPress. I hope Kara has found peace and her writings have found a home with WordPress.

It is interesting to read the things that new users have to say after installing WordPress. I did not have much to say when I came to WordPress.

I think the default title of the first post in a WordPress blog should be Goodbye World!, and not the uninspiring and clichéd “Hello World”. For one, my suggestion rings true — blogging is, in many ways, a gateway habit. It hooks you to the internet, to technology, geek-stuff to the point where it’s like you’ve bid the world good bye.


  1. I think Carthik that it opens you to a whole new world. For many (those who are not very techie), its a world that they haven’t explored and is all new for them.

    So I guess it can go both ways, right? :smile:

    Comment by Poonam — 9/9/2004 @ 3:53 pm

  2. I haven’t found peace – yet. I need to get more comfortable with PHP and the “em” use in the CSS. Give me a few weeks :)

    Comment by Kara — 9/10/2004 @ 7:17 pm

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