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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

User Quote of the Day

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It’s a work in progress, but so is the rest of the Internet.


Thanks Kara, you make me feel a little less guilty about all the unfinished work related to my weblogs and the other things I do online. LiveJournal, GreyMatter, B2, Drupal, and now WordPress. I hope Kara has found peace and her writings have found a home with WordPress.

It is interesting to read the things that new users have to say after installing WordPress. I did not have much to say when I came to WordPress.

I think the default title of the first post in a WordPress blog should be Goodbye World!, and not the uninspiring and clichéd “Hello World”. For one, my suggestion rings true — blogging is, in many ways, a gateway habit. It hooks you to the internet, to technology, geek-stuff to the point where it’s like you’ve bid the world good bye.

Upgrading from b2 to WordPress 1.2

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Finally, a solution, or rather a set of instructions to upgrade successfully from b2 to WordPress 1.2. (Thanks to wild-mind.net)

It’s not exactly clear why it is essential to follow exactly these steps as opposed to the prescribed upgrade or import procedure, and that might require some looking into. This is a solution that seems to work, and information regarding methods that work is indispensible.

I have a strange affliction for importing and exporting things from WordPress. It has just come to be that way. It is not a choice I made, but now that I have started out on this path, I find it impossible to quit. It maybe the Ph.D. mentality — wanting to know everything about a little well demarcated area in a “field”, and be the “expert” in that — at work here.

How to Install Multiple Copies of WordPress Swiftly

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Stephanie had to install a bunch of WordPress blogs, and it wouldn’t have been practical to waste the time and effort required to install them by hand, one by one. Lucky us, she actually figured out a way to install a whole lot of WordPress blogs using a few tricks, some shell commands, and about 10-15 minutes.

Scripts for a WordPress blog farm details her adventure. It is in short, a solution for when you have to install, say 50 wordpress blogs on the same server, each differing from the other in it’s URI. Each of the blogs thus installed will allow the user to edit the templates, customize the design, etc.

May a million WordPress blogs bloom in a thousand farms! (Okay, I’ll take thousands and hundreds, if that sounds like too much of a wish)


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