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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

WordPress Function Reference

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PlanetOZH writes :

Whenever I start hacking a bit my Wordpress installation, I always end up asking “in what file is this __ function located ?” and have to search /wp-include directory using grep to find it. So, to make such a search easier, I gathered the full list of functions used in WordPress 1.2 – and their default arguments.

If you have been in a similar situation before, worry not! You can use the excellent PHPXref installs that can be used to search for functions, variables, classes and such in WordPress code.

I personally use http://www.cenamayo.com/wpxref for browsing the (almost) latest CVS code, and http://www.junesix.org/xref/stable/ to browse 1.2 code.

Don’t miss the “search” tool/form that’s present in the top right corner, in the black horizontal bar. Also, when you are browsing code, clicking on a function name will take to the page showing where the function is defined and all the places it is used in.

Now you know why support volunteers seem to know where each function is, and what they do ;)

theflow.de – First Beauty to Grace WordLog

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There is something about theflow that makes you go “Wow!”.
It could be the way the bottom of the header image, that of a beach, flows, or it could be the shadows lifting up the content and making it stand out from the background, which stands out in it’s own way.

This is the first blue blog to make me feel blue. I spent a good minute looking at the blog – I can’t read German – and the effect of it all was to make me wistful. I miss beaches I have never been to.

Maybe it’s just that I haven’t seen a blog this beautiful in a long time.

P.S.: WordLog has always had a “Beautiful Blogs” category. I have never blogged about beautiful blogs, though. Now on, every once in a while, I shall post the beautiful ones I encounter, which would otherwise go unappreciated and unnoticed by the rest of the community. There is no distinct lack of original design – only under-exposed beauties. :)

Bug Reports

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Go to Mosquito- the WordPress Bugtracker.

Just a note, for those who might not know already.

Please check if the problem you are reporting has been fixed, by searching mosquito, and if you are reporting one in the CVS, do check if it still persists in the CVS version.

Recently Played on Winamp.

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MrBurnz.Org offers a way to display the most recently played songs in Winamp 5 on your WordPress Blog.

The instructions are pretty detailed.

Stop Comments and Take Down Blog

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A couple of useful plugins:

One that stops comments for the whole blog, when you are under fire, temporarily.

Another that takes your blog down, temporarily, leaving a polite message for the visitors.

Both from WeblogToolsCollection

There is so much obvious duplication between here, weblogtoolscollection, and BloggingPro. There should be someway of stopping this, in my opinion. So what do you say? Do I stop blogging about what appears on the other sites, or do I continue? If everyone who reads this blog also reads the other two, then I can stop. Continuing to report posts from the other two here is not much of a problem, either.

Please let me know.

Word Statistics (readability) Plugin

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John has released a plugin that measures the readability of your posts.

The wordstats plugin measures and makes available Readabilty indices for the articles you publish using WordPress, so you know how easy or difficult it may be for readers to understand your posts.

It also provides a count of the number of words and sentences in the article, and thus supercedes the word count plugins.

(via hackers)


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