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Monday, August 23, 2004

Free Conversion of Blog from MT or GM to WP

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If you want to switch from MovableType or Greymatter, but didn’t know how, or wanted to see how it will go, take this offer to convert your blog. It’s free, so give it a shot.
Also, Podz is the most active support volunteer, and an experienced hand, so he’s the best you can get.

Edited for accuracy at Podz’ behest

Cellphones, Email and WordPress

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Dr. Dave has released Wp-keitai-mail* , a hack for posting articles to your WordPress powered blog using a cellphone (keitai == cellphone in Japanese). He calls it a plugin, but I think it’s not one, since it can be installed outside of your WordPress directory. A plugin is something that plugs in like a plug plugs into a socket. Excuse me if that sounds obvious, but a lot of the “plugins” out there are more like Appliances. You probably have to plug them in, but that alone will not get them to work. You have to read the manuals that come with the Appliance and probably add/tweak a few things. That said, wp-keitai-mail has a few cool features, and once you get it working, posting using a cellphone, or through email should be easier.

I wrote a tutorial on how to blog by email a while ago. Of course, if there is something wrong with the tutorial, you can can edit it quite easily, at the wiki. The WordPress way of blogging by email is very simple, but requires a cron job to check for new mails periodically. wp-keitai-mail does not need a cron job. It does need a few extra things though, but if you can’t do without moblogging, then go get it.

One of the other blog-by-email developments I have noticed is the improved wp-mail.php from John Blade.

It has all the abilities of the current wp-mail.php plus:

* Allows image attachments (posts inline)
* Checks if user email address is in the database (otherwise discards message)
* Allows other file attachments (zip’s, exe’s, etc)
* Fairly good cleaner for removing excessive line breaks

I should say that if it does all that it says, John Blade’s enhancement to wp-mail.php should be an useful addition to a WordPress blog.

Also of note is this fix for an error that seems to be quite common when using the blog by email feature.

* seen at BloggingPro


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