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Friday, August 20, 2004

WordPress CVS Access Restored

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The Sourceforge.net Status Page reports:

( 2004-08-20 10:03:14 – Project CVS Service ) pserver-based CVS access and ViewCVS access to repositories for projects starting with a, c, d, g, u, w, and x has been restored as of 2004-08-20. This completes our resolution of the 2004-08-12 hardware failure that impacted this service. No data has been lost in this hardware outage; data has been reloaded to this host from the developer CVS server. Developer CVS service access, and non-developer CVS services for all other project letters, was not impacted by this outage.

So all of you who run or use cutting-edge CVS code, can get back to using the CVS server.
I find it useful to browse the CVS when I have to check to see what’s in and what’s not.

WordPress’ lead developer, Matt has been taking an interest in Subversion lately. It’s anybody’s guess if and when WordPress will start using Subversion instead of CVS.

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  1. I for one would LOVE to see it in subversion. I’d be more interested in helping out then to be honest with you. Not that I could provide the worlds greatest help but I also wouldn’t mind helping a bit either way.

    Comment by Kyle — 8/23/2004 @ 11:30 am

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