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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Improved Search at the Forums

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Matt writes about the changes he made to the search tool in the WordPress Forums. These are very useful additions, and should help reduce the number of repeat-questions. You can submit your views and suggestions, and read those of others, in this forum thread.

Tip: Use google to search for the exact string you searched on the forums, with the term “wordpress” added to the end. I often get remarkably good results, some from non-wordpress.org websites.

Yet Another PHP syntax highlighter – PHPizer

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I am tired of writing about code highlighting plugins, so this time, it’s only gonna be a link to the PHPizer plugin.
–via weblogtoolscollection.com

IBM Uses WordPress, Creates Useful Docs

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Traditionally (or at least for the better part of the last decade), IBMers have relied on email as means of communications for knowledge sharing…

IBM’s Customer Innovation Team has a WordPress powered weblog in the offing.

I beleive that this is not the final avatar of the blog, and that it will change, before being presented as an official IBM blog, but there was something about this that I could not resist blogging, the brief, sweet, documentation. It covers the basic facts, and explains things lucidly.

I like the taxonomy used in the Getting Started article, which goes as follows:

…you the reader of this posting falls into one or more of the following role categories:

* Information Seeker
* Weblog Subscriber
* Content Provider
* Content Collaborator

I will be on the lookout for the official weblog, if and when it happens. Meanwhile, beginning wordpress users can read the articles to gain an insight into the basic of blogs, and using WordPress.

Batch Edit Categories

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Sometimes I need to sort and edit categories for my past posts.

says the LcF Weblog, bringing to light a useful hack by Stephanie Booth.

Batch Categories 0.9 is a useful hack for those of use who are obsessed with arranging and re-arranging things. You can reassign categories for a whole bunch of posts simultaneously, without having to edit each post individually. This can be pretty useful after you import your posts from some other system, or like I mentioned earlier, to just rearrange things a bit.

b2evolution to WordPress Importer

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Just the other day I was searching for a b2evolution to WordPress import script. I found it today.

Convert your b2evo posts to WordPress posts. Thanks, Fahim.

The script could probably ship with WordPress with a few changes, for example, it uses mysql_connect to connect to the WordPress database, which it really doesn’t need to, but in any case, it could be useful to someone who’s dying to move from b2evo to WordPress.

Count Posts Plugin

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The count posts plugin provides a method to display the number of posts published to a particular category. The author wrote it for a personal, private weblog and wanted the plugin to have a “home”, so here it is, on request. If you have something you cannot host, that you want to share, please get in touch with me.

The forum thread announcing the plugin has more details regarding it’s intended use as also the directions for using it.

In brief,

<?php count_posts('daily log', '60'); ?>

in index.php will display the number of posts made to the “daily log” category over the last 60 days.

For support related to this plugin, please post to the forum thread.

Nine Blog:CMS stylesheets ported to WordPress

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eriosoft.com has ported some Blog:CMS styles/templates for the default WordPress index.php

Read the announcement, and see the styles in action.

Feel free to use the stylesheets, should you like the styles.

WordPress on PostgreSQL

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Some prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL, and some hosts provide only the former, so if you want WordPress to run off of a host who provides only PostgreSQL, a preliminary version of Wordpress that uses the PostgreSQL database, instead of a MySQL database is now available. WordPress-Pg. Help the author by using it, and letting him know of any errors or bugs. You can also donate money through Paypal.

Cross-post to a Wiki from your blog

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Ton Zijlstra writes us a WordPress plugin to cross-post to a Wiki from a Weblog.

Zijlstra uses MovableType for his main weblog. He has this to say :

Wordpress, even though this is a Moveable Type powered blog? Yes because I have been experimenting with Wordpress, and it turned to be relatively easy to add plugins there. MT seems a bit more complicated, but I will try to do that next.

Hear, hear! :)

Pure-Essence Plugins

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Threaded Comments Redone – So you can thread your comments out nice and clean.

Multi-More Plugin – So you can have more “more” in your posts. By default, WordPress’s “more” tag does not have a closing tag, so whatever it is that you put after using the <!–more–> tag is shown hidden behind the more tag. With Multi-More, you can use more than one more tag in your posts and close them at will.

No Margin Pop-up Images Script – So you can add neat pop-up-on-clicking images to your posts.

All the above plugins/hacks are from Dodo (which means beans or peas in Chinese). Who says women can’t code? :) I love the design and layout of her website. There is a whole bunch of interesting code, tips and tools available on the site, so stay awhile and browse the site!


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