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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hack for using WordPress as a CMS

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~davos announces a hack for WordPress as a CMS, by which he means using WordPress for both your blog, and for a few static pages. The method involved using “include” to construct pages. All the pages (static pages if you will) are stored in one directory, and the navigation links are in a small file, and the hack goes about constructing your website by including bits and pieces as and when required.

The hack home page has links to what looks like useful documentation too. I wonder, though whether a more elegant solution to the problem of adding static pages is not being worked out right now, using the “static” post option that has been around in the latest WordPress code.

In any case, this hack should be useful for new users, who want to extend the capabilities of their v1.2 install. A small problem with extensive hacks like this is that the author of the hack may have to rework some parts when a new version of WordPress comes out.

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