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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Mertner.Com Family Blogs – An Experiment In Multiple Blogs.

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Over at mertner.com, I found an interesting solution to the problem of creating multiple WordPress blogs in the same Server, using the same codebase.

Allan uses symbolic links, a modified wp-config.php and a file with a few functions to create multiple WordPress blogs, presumably one each for his family members, running off of the same set of WordPress files. The simplicity of the solution is amazing.

Read more about his solution in his article on Choosing and configuring the engine for mertner.com. He explains the process in sufficient detail, and it should be possible to follow the instructions there to create multiple blogs on a server.

While at his site, please also read his article on creating static pages, which reads easy as a tutorial to use the Faked Folder plugin. It infact tells you how to do it for multiple sites. The Faked Folder plugin allows you to create static pages linked to your wordpress blog.

Ruben’s MultiSite hack is an alternative solution to the multiple WordPress blogs problem. To quote him :

The general idea is to make a directory named sites under the current wp install and then making both a multi-conf.ini file and the corresponding directories under it. This approach uses the host part of the HTTP request to figure out which sites/dir to use and parse the wp-config.php inside it. After it has parsed it, it silently include()s the main wp-config.php which will define the variables (host, db etc) only if they have not been defined already.

If you cannot wait till WordPress comes out with a version that supports multiple blogs, then you can use these hacks to acheive what you need.


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