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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Binary Bonsai Releases the Kubrick Theme

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Many a time I have wished I could get Michael Heilemann, owner of the beautiful, nay drop-dead gorgeous Binary Bonsai (isn’t the name beautiful too?) to design my WordPress blog for me.

Now, the wish has come true! You can have Michael’s design for your blog too.
Kubrick for WordPress

Kubrick for WordPress is his attempt to

create a theme which is simple to setup and use, while remaining powerful and versatile.

I am not linking to the download file directly since I would like you to visit his site, read the readme, and download the theme.

Joen, Brian and of course Michael are WordPress users from Denmark, who have, at some point of time, been colleagues. It is good to seem them all interested in improving WordPress.


  1. Well strictly speaking we’re all from Denmark, and Joen isn’t a game designer :)

    Comment by Michael — 8/1/2004 @ 2:49 pm

  2. I apologize for the mistakes. Corrections made :) Thank you.

    Comment by Carthik — 8/1/2004 @ 2:55 pm

  3. While I am flattered at being mentioned in the same sentence as these two giants, I’m afraid I’ve only been colleague with Brian.

    I _am_, however some sort of game designer, as I’ve done http://www.sporkle.com and GUI design for some 50% of the games there.


    Comment by Joen — 8/1/2004 @ 3:14 pm

  4. Readme File

    Error 404 – Not Found

    Oh no! You’re looking for something which just isn’t here! Fear not however, errors are to be expected, and luckily there are tools on the sidebar for you to use in your search for what you need.

    And I can’t find where download this theme :S

    Comment by Angelfire — 5/2/2007 @ 10:38 pm

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