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Friday, July 30, 2004

Synergy – WordPress and LiveJournal

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lj usercrschmidt uses LiveJournal, but he regrets the fact that LiveJournal does not support trackbacks. So what does he do?

He installs WordPress, and figures a way to use it to power trackbacks for LiveJournal. If you clicked that link, and thought you were looking at a WordPress powered blog, look again. Though that page looks like the Rubric style for WordPress blogs, that is a LiveJournal blog. His WordPress blog is here.

He has since disabled the trackbacks, but I find the idea interesting, nevertheless. Synergy is when you add one and one and get more than two. Maybe he can try unteins’ excellent LivePress plugin to cross-post to LiveJournal from WordPress.

crschmidt can also help you with importing your LJ entries into WordPress in one go. Livejournal by default exports entries month-wise, an XML file for a month’s worth of entries, but if you want them all at once, follow the instructions.

I am constantly amazed at the ways WordPress is used, in this case as a TrackBack tool, but considering the fact that it is an Open Source product, it shouldn’t be surprising, really.


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