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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Comments with alternating background colors

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Kitten has documented a sweet little trick at her Project Blog which will enable you to display comments with alternating background colors.

While you are at her Project Blog, do check out her plugins, and if you want a plugin or a hack that you think might also be useful to others, you can request her too.

A WordPress Video Blog

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What’s cooler, WordPress, or its users?

Brice has an interesting Video Blogging Script that enables him to post Videos from his Sony-Ericsson P900 over GPRS to his WordPress blog. How cool is that?

My first video post… World First ?

Good question, we don’t know the definitive answer to that!

A preliminary search of the premises did not reveal any downloadable scripts for the use of WordLog readers, and I hope Brice will oblige us all soon.

Alternate templates and stylesheets

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Root has come out with a couple of alternate template+stylesheet (index.php + wp-layout.css) packages for WordPress 1.2.

I like to think that it started with his comment/question, which goes :

How does someone convert their default layout to a two column, centred layout, with a footer, and using float from CSS 1?

At that time, I thought it was too detailed a question to be included in the FAQ, as I beleived the chances of someone actually voicing that question would be rather low. Kudos to Root for having gone ahead and answered that question now.
Two designs are available,

  1. Two column – Gemini
  2. Three column – Trident

He has a detailed explanation of why he thinks the changes are neccesary at the pages I have linked to. Read them and use the templates if you like. I agree with him about that fact that for new users who require a template with a header, a footer and two or three columns, those templates are good to get started with. If you decide to use them, know that you also have to get the index.php provided , along with the stylesheets.

WordLog uses a modified version of Root’s creation. So if you need to create a two column design, with a header and a footer, and with an Image Banner, you could use the WordLog stylesheet. In addition to the header, or banner, image, a change I made was to increase the width of #rap, #content and #menu to about 800, 600 and 200 pixels respectively.

In other WordPress design news, with regard to the anticipated release of Kubrick, Michael has made it known that it should be available by Saturday evening (CET).

Admin Color Contest

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Hop on over to PhotoMatt and get your entry in for new WordPress admin pages color schemes.
A little bit of money, fame and glory awaits winners.
Entries are accepted till it’s Friday night in Texas.


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