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Friday, July 23, 2004

A new beginning

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I run into so many interesting sites and articles related to WordPress, that I thought I should start a blog to write about them. Often, I think of writing about them in my weblog, but then decide against it, to keep the blog from decaying into a blog about wordpress.

I thought a lot before deciding on this domain name. I was surprised, in a way, to find this domain name available. Wordlog will be a log of wordpress news, collected from the support forums, the wiki, and using Feedster, Pubsub, and a few other useful search engines. I read the weblogs of many wordpress developers, and users, on a daily basis, and I hope to bring you the best from those sites too.

I routinely find it difficult to refer back to some site, when I most need to, and there is really no website, besides the Dev Blog dedicated to writing about WordPress, and the few websites with useful information are often those of plugin or hack authors, and there are so many of them! Many plugin/hack authors do not edit the wiki to announce their plugins, and some don’t post in the forums. In any case, not all wordpress users check the wiki and the forums all the time. So I hope this will be a useful endeavor.


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